Lana Beiruti

Oh Henry! is the only bar that has “more” of everything. It's a bigger bar filled up with more peanuts, more ingredients and more value.

We were asked to create an integrated campaign around the classic "Oh Hungry? Oh Henry!" tagline that elevates Oh Henry! into the lifestyle brand for millennials who want more.

OCADU Final Masters Shortlistee


It starts in the stomach, but it goes so far beyond that. Dreams, aspirations, knowledge, love - we’re all hungry for something. What once satisfied our appetites now only scratches the surface. We’re always looking for that next step, that next feeling, that next adrenaline rush. Life is only as exciting as you make it, and you can make it pretty damn exciting. So choose what you want more of. Whether it’s more living, more rule breaking or more doing what you want - hunger only starts in the stomach. So tell us, what are you hungry for?

In order for Oh Henry! to truly own this 'more' lifestyle, we decided that our target needed to feel it in order to believe it. To do so, we introduced Hungerfest, a culture festival featuring a range of experiences and activities all curated for the likes of our target. We’re talking everything from indoor skydiving and extreme sports, to financial literacy and photography tips. It's a weekend designed to satisfy any kind of hunger.

Made in collaboration with Reena Feldman, Kevin Valladares Doño, and Theo Peirson.

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